Behavioral consulting

Dog-Human Connection LLC offers behavioral consulting services and specifically tailors each treatment plan to the behavioral problems, circumstances, needs and lifestyle of the family and the dog.

We offer behavioral consulting and training for a wide range of issues including:

Aggression and reactivity towards dogs and people

Fears and phobias

Anxieties including separation anxiety

Unruly and disturbing behaviors (e.g., jumpiness, mouthiness, leash pulling, unresponsiveness)

Destructive behaviors and more

Dr. Ilan is a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist (CAAB). Her work is based on deep scientific knowledge of animal learning and social behavior, and dog-human relationship. She sees positive approach as a key-factor in establishing a healthy dog-human relationship. She uses force-free methods and her work is based on the dog’s perception to better understand the dog and to manage and modify the dog’s behavior.




How does behavioral consulting work?  

  • Behavioral consultation would usually take place at the family home. This allows Dr. Ilan to meet the dog and the family at their normal environment, where everyday life takes place. Taking the dog’s home environment into consideration is often an important component of the treatment plan.


  • Prior to the consultation you will be asked to fill a behavioral history questionnaire. Filling it in detail and returning it before the meeting would allow a much more efficient use of time during the meeting and would allow Dr. Ilan to provide you with the most comprehensive consultation.


  • Initial appointment – during the first behavioral consultation Dr. Ilan would meet the family and the dog, go over the behavioral history, assess and evaluate the dog. She will discuss goals and expectations with the family, introduce management tools, demonstrate behavioral modification and training exercises and custom a treatment plan accordingly. This appointment takes about 2 hours.


  • Follow-up appointments – as behavioral modification is an ongoing process, follow-up appointments are important to keep the momentum of the treatment plan going, to modify the treatment plan as needed, and to introduce new tools and exercises based on the progress that has been achieved so far. Depending on the case, one or several follow-up appointments may be recommended in various intervals. For a successful and efficient follow up consultation you will be asked to fill a progress questionnaire prior to the appointment. Follow up appointments take about an hour.


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