About Edith Katsnelson Ilan, Ph.D., CAAB

Edith Katsnelson Ilan, PhD is the founder of Dog Human Connection, LLC. Her mission is to help people build better relationships with their dogs and deal with behavioral problems and challenges. Dr. Ilan sees positive approach and communication as key-factors in building a happy and healthy dog-human relationship.  

Dr. Ilan is a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist (CAAB). She did her Ph.D. in the field of animal behavior at the Department of Zoology at Tel-Aviv University. Her research focused on learning in social contexts in house sparrows. She moved to California with her four-legged girl, Shelly, to pursue her postdoctoral research at the department of Biology at Stanford University. Dr. Ilan received her certification as an applied animal behaviorist through the Animal Behavior Society

Dr. Ilan presented talks in numerous national and international academic forums and published her research in leading academic journals. She continuously keeps up-to-date with the latest science. She strives to use her academic background and practical expertise to help harmonize the lives of dogs and their human families. She offers behavioral consulting and training for a wide range of behavioral issues (see Behavioral Consultation for more information).

Dr. Ilan is a dog and child mom. She has been surrounded by dogs from a young age and they have always been a part of her family. She volunteered with behavioral challenging shelter-dogs and served as a mentor for volunteers who worked with them, offering both theory and hands-on classes. Dr. Ilan enjoys sharing her passion and knowledge with the public and gave many talks and classes throughout the years in various forums.

In her free time Dr. Ilan enjoys birding, wildlife watching and photography, as well as hiking with her human-canine family.