Other Services

In addition to Behavioral Consulting, Dog-Human Connection LLC offers the following services:

  • Family oriented consulting – We offer individualized consultation and training designed for families with kids. Our goal is to give families tools to be happier and safer together. Situations that may seem benign to us, may be uncomfortable or stressful for your dog. In addition, the unpredictable nature of kids may often cause further stress in dogs. Dr. Ilan, a dog and child mom, will teach your family how to better recognize and prevent these situations, and how to build a respectful and loving relationship between the younger family members and your dog. Just like kids, each dog is unique. The consultation is based on a thorough evaluation of your dog and your family situation.


  • Preparing for a new baby –  Your new bundle of joy will substantially affect the family’s and the dog’s routine. Preparation helps minimizing related stress, tension and conflicts that may arise and makes the transition easier for your dog. The goal is to give the family tools to facilitate a smooth transition and establish new habits and routines suitable for the new situation. 


  • Training and communication with deaf and blind dogs – The relationship with deaf or blind dogs can be as deep and rewarding as with any dog. We offer behavioral consulting and training specifically tailored to suit the needs of deaf and blind dogs, focusing on building communication channels that are based on the dog’s sensory potential. 


  • Talks and seminars – Edith Katsnelson Ilan, PhD offers talks and seminars in a wide range of subjects related to dog behavior and dog-human relationship. 





For more information about our services and to schedule an appointment please contact us by email: doghumanconnection@gmail.com or phone: 650-864-1819.